Reason for Window and Door Screen Installation

Your home is the one of the places that you spend a lot your time at. It is place that can reflect your personality and good clean home can really echo your mind and how much you love your family.

When searching for home screening services is one of the best step you can take to protect your loved ones. Some of the reasons you should seek screening services includes.

Keep out insects.

There are many insects that can cause a lot of damage to your furniture if they get in your house. It is good to ensure no insect gets into your house since some can be disease vectors. For example, if scorpion gets in to your house it can really cause a lot of harm by biting your family members. To avoid such scenario, you need to ensure your window and door openings are covered.

To keep your house hurricane friendly.

In some instances and especially in places where hurricanes are common, there is every need to install window and door screens, they cut down dust entering your house. This will enable you to clean your house easily.

Installing door and window screen is very important in places that usually experience hurricanes since screen can act as a security measure to prevent hurricane from getting your house and causing a lot of destruction.

To keep your house warm

In United States, window and door screens are installed in winter to keep houses warm. This prevents entry of cold wind that can lower room temperature.

This also lowers cost of electrically warming houses.

Helps to filter UV lights

UV lights can be very harming to your family, by fixing glass filters that keeps off UV light, it will a be a great step to ensuring your family is free from harmful effects of UV lights.

There are many companies that can install UV filters glasses that are durable and effective.

It is good to ensure that when installing window and door screens, the house remains well ventilated. At times, screens installation can lower air circulation in the house, this is very dangerous since it puts your family in a risk of suffocation and sometimes death.

Materials used.

You also need to ensure the material that is used for screening is of high quality. In most cases, aluminum or fiberglass is used. Although Fiberglas is a little bit expensive, it does not dent when pushed or hit. One of the disadvantages of fiberglass is that it is very opaque.

You can also use bronze, it is very expensive but is more durable than aluminum or fiberglass.

You can also look for semi-transparent materials and material that you can easily fold when not in use.


There are many installation companies that you can look for installation services. You may do some window shopping to check their charges. Apart from charges, you also need to look at their terms and conditions and their reputation. Check their warrant and insurance cover to ensure you are well warranted and covered if installation fails.

Factors That You Should Consider While Choosing A Window Repair Company

Apart from reducing glare in our homes, windows protect people and furniture in the room from direct UV rays, shield us against extreme cold during winter, and above all make our homes aesthetically pleasant. Replacing worn out or cracked windows is a great way of improving the value, comfort and beauty of our homes but choosing the right company to do window repairs can be a daunting task. Here is a look at some of the factors that you should consider while choosing a window repair company.

1. Experience of the technicians

When it comes to window repair and installation experience of the technicians should be at the forefront. Consider getting the services of window technicians who have been in the industry for more than 10 years and who have handled multiple class repairs and installation in different homes. A company whose technicians have been in the industry for very long period of time have a lot of experience and skills hence you are assured of getting excellent services.

2. Guarantee of the company

You need to evaluate whether the company that you intend to hire to repair windows in your home has guarantee. This gives you the assurance that its field technicians will handle your expensive materials with a lot of care and in case of any mess the company should compensate you. In addition to that, the company should give you a guarantee of a certain period of time for example 3 or 4 months, whereby in case of any breakage during this period they will come back and repair the windows for you free of charge.

3. Total cost or total charges to be paid to the company

Indeed, different window repair companies charge different fees for their services that they lend out to their clients. It is therefore, a prudent idea to ask the management of the company about their charges so that you will adjust your budget. Consider hiring a company whose charges are at par with your income and this will give you the assurance that your budget will not be strained up.

4. Safety measures

When it comes to handling of glasses, safety is always paramount to all people who are near the broken class. The company that you intend to hire should give you assurance that its technicians will carefully handle all the materials to be used in the area without causing any injury. In addition to that, there is need for the company to clear up all the broken glasses after repairing them because if they are left, then the occupants in your home are exposed to injuries as a result of being cut by these small glasses.

5. Training of the companies technicians

Last but not the least, a company that trains its technicians continuously is concerned with their skills as well as services to its clients. A well trained technician has at his or her fingertips what he or she is supposed to do and how to do it effectively. Therefore, search for a window repair company which ensures that its technicians undergo rigorous training now and then.

Common door repair for your entry door

Common door repair for your entry door

Your entry door has to withstand outdoor conditions such as wind, rain, changing temperatures in addition to common wear and tear. Outside door is normally stronger than inside door because it is made from impact resistant material and finished in such a way to withstand these bad conditions. After some time, you door will need repair on dents or even weather stripping which will need to be replaced through door repair. Before you do any kind of door repair, keep in mind the material which your door is made from because there are some exotic materials which you may need to take great care of. Below are common adjustments which you may be required to do on your entry door.

Repairing and maintaining doors

After some time, you may find that your entry door creaks, sticks or even it does not close easily like it did when it was installed. This may be the result of wear and tear of the organic material which your house is made from as well as expansion and contraction of wood due to the changing weather. It is therefore advisable to do simple door repair after your house has settled to make sure that your entry door is still plumbing in the doorway and it is opening and shutting easily. In addition to ordinary changes, there are other factors which may damage your door due to use such as lot of foot traffic in your house thus requiring you to spend some time doing your door repair.

Repair of sticking door

Sometimes you might need to adjust the size of your door when it starts sticking so as to fit the entryway. This kind of door repair can be very easy like cleaning all the hinges of your door while you remove any buildup of filth along your door edges. The second step is to find out whether adjusting the door hinges will ease the problem by tightening them. If it continues sticking, then you may try sanding its edges.

Repairing dents

Dents in your entry door can be repaired using different methods. For example if your door is made of steel, you might be able to repair it using auto filler. Before you fill it, you will have to sand down the damaged place until you see the metal then you apply the auto filler in layers until your entry door is smooth. You will then do some sanding until you acquire a smooth surface and then paint it.

Squeaky hinges

You may require lubricating your door hinges with silicon if it makes a squeak any time you shut and open it. Here you will need to remove the pin and then you scrub the pin, hinge and barrel slightly using steel wool, finally you coat them using a thin layer of penetrating oil or silicon spray.

Stopping air leaks

You door will need sealing when you notice a cold breeze around your door especially during the winter months so as to ensure your house maintains steady temperature. You may cheek the caulk around your door and replace it if it is damaged or has some gaps. Weather stripping is also another good door repair option for stopping any air leaks in your house.